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  • Our Littlest Yogis Learn About Chakras

    Figuring out who we are and what “makes sense” for our bodies, what yogis call our “inner teacher” or “gurudeva,” is a journey we all understand. The practice of yoga is a way for us to literally feel out what feels good, what is “too much” for us, and what does it mean to focus only on the here and now. I loved laughing with my mini yogis as they mooed in Cow Pose and then hissed in Cat Pose. I loved watching them affirm themselves and each other in our post-class chats. I loved seeing peace wash over their tiny, beautiful faces during final meditation.

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  • Building Community Through A Mentoring Program for Boys

    Every few months at the Education Center, we host a “Boy’s Night” event. We invite any boys, ranging from kindergartners to twelfth graders, to attend. Our aim in hosting these nights is to provide a space for our male students to discuss what masculinity means, how that manifests in their daily lives, and to share both their struggles and privileges related to their male identity. We hope these spaces allow our students to discuss their experience growing up as a male and serve as a reminder to our boys that they are supported by the entire Ethel Lawrence Homes community.

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  • A Banner Year for FSHD

    As we wind down 2019, Fair Share Housing Development is celebrating what has turned out to be a banner year. This November, we broke ground on a new outdoor recreation area at our Ethel R. Lawrence Homes (ERLH) developmen, which will allow us to relocate and expand the Margaret Donnelly O’Connor Education Center. We will also start construction in early 2020 on Evans Francis Estates, which will create 54 affordable homes in Cherry Hill Township. It took more than three decades to win approval and financing for this development – a battle that was even more difficult than what FSHD faced trying to build ERLH, our flagship development.

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  • ERLH ‘Back-to-School’ Fundraising Drive Is Parent-Led Success

    Back-to-School can be a stressful time for parents and kids. This year, our families got to ease back into the swing of things thanks to some extraordinarily community-minded parents who led a fundraising drive to supply ERLH kids with free book bags, supplies and many other treats.

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  • Meet Our 2019-2020 Jesuit Volunteers!

    This year, we are pleased to welcome two new Jesuit Volunteers: Kaitlyn DeVeydt and Scott Henderson. Kaitlyn is a graduate of Boston College. She boasts a Bachelor’s Degree in English and a French/Creative Writing Minor. Scott grew up in Massachusetts and also graduated from Boston College as a Neuroscience Major on a Pre-Med track. Both Kaitlyn and Scott are delighted to have the opportunity to empower our ERLH youth. Each year, the Jesuit Volunteer Corps provides two full-time youth coordinators to work at the Margaret Donnelly O’Connor Education Center. Jesuit Volunteers commit to one year of post-college service where the need is greatest and to live in apostolic community with other Jesuit Volunteers.

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