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  • Jesuit Volunteers End Year of Service Working Remotely

    The year was very challenging for Jesuit Volunteers Scott Henderson and Kaitlyn DeVeydt, who had to end their 2019-2020 year of service remotely. “Working from home, particularly during a pandemic was not easy, but routine, list-making, and the smiling faces of MDOC staff and students (mostly virtual), has made the time both productive and rewarding,” said Kaitlyn DeVeydt. Scott is heading off to medical school, while Kaitlyn has accepted an opportunity to stay on at the Education Center as a full-time member of the team. We are so excited for both of these mission-driven young adults!

    Published on July 30th, 2020 in Margaret Donnelly O'Connor Education Center | Read more »

  • Everyday Heroes Shine Bright at Northgate II in Camden

    At Fair Share Housing, we like to call Northgate II an oasis of safety and stability in a city that has long struggled with intergenerational poverty and violent crime. Even in the midst of a deadly pandemic that threatens their own lives, our committed staff and kind-hearted volunteers continue to offer compassionate care to hundreds of seniors, disabled folks and low-income families who call Northgate II home.

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  • Pioneering Senior Affordable Housing Care In The COVID-19 Era

    As the coronavirus continues to wreak havoc on the national health care system and economy, a mass infection of Northgate II residents has the potential to overwhelm the county hospital system. To help us deal with COVID-19 crisis, FSSS is seeking funding to pioneer telehealth wellness programming in senior affordable housing. Telehealth allows remote access to healthcare providers, who can virtually triage when a COVID-19 patient should head to the ER or is safe to remain quarantined at home. Senior-friendly computer tablets can help tenants deal with the ill effects of prolonged social isolation by providing access to mental health professionals as well as online wellness programming including yoga, tai chi, Zumba, meditation and other fitness classes. Since the COVID-19 crisis hit, telehealth wellness programming continues to gain ground in middle and upper-income senior communities, but remains an out-of-reach luxury for poor seniors living in affordable housing.

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  • An Update to Our Supporters on the COVID-19 Crisis

    FSHD exists to protect and care for society’s most vulnerable citizens: low-income seniors, children and the disabled. So we have put plans into place to reach out to hundreds of families in their homes in order to help mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on our residents’ health and well-being.

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  • Where Are Our Grads Now?  New Database Will Track Educational Outcomes

    Something that we recognized as missing from our records here at Fair Share Housing was a comprehensive database of alumni who’ve attended our center. In order to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of both the challenges our families face as well as the triumphs experienced by our students, we have begun to contact parents of our student alumni. During these conversations, we ask our parents to share their childrens’ current employment, residence, educational pursuits, as well as their experience living in Ethel Lawrence Homes and the greater Mount Laurel community.

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