Our Residents

Our residents are teachers, nurses, students, social workers, bank tellers, home health aids, corrections officers, childcare professionals, retail clerks and office professionals—all priced out of the housing market. They hold not only lower-skilled positions but managerial positions as well.

The diversity within FSHD’s communities speaks to a larger trend: even individuals employed in well-paying supervisory positions are unable to afford market-rate housing.

Homes that offer access to opportunity

The rental apartments that FSHD builds and manages are designed not only to make residents feel safe and comfortable, but also to help families and communities thrive. Our affordable rents help residents save money, invest in education and create a better future.

For years, New Jersey has been one of the least affordable states in the nation, with an overall cost of living 32% above the national average, and housing a whopping 73% above the average. One study found that NJ is the most expensive state in the nation when it comes to renting a two-bedroom apartment. Four in ten NJ residents cannot afford the nearly $1100 it costs on average to live in a two-bedroom rental. In fact, a worker earning minimum wage would have to work three full-time jobs to afford such an apartment.