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  • Education Center Focuses on College-Bound Teens

    As part of Fair Share Development’s continuing effort to enhance the lives of the families of Ethel Lawrence, the Homework Club is piloting a new college preparatory program called Mission: Excellence. The mission of our program is to promote higher education, degree attainment, improved parental involvement, and a culture of personal excellence among the students of Ethel Lawrence Homes.

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  • Education Center Expands Staff

    This October, FSHD began accepting applications for the 60 new apartments that will soon become available for rent at our award-winning development, Ethel R. Lawrence Homes (ERLH) and a nearby site in Mount Laurel now known as Robinson Estates. This exciting development has required FSHD to expand the staff at the Margaret Donnelly O’Connor Education Center to accommodate additional children we expect will join the ERLH community. In August 2017, we welcomed our new Education director, Michael Morris, and an Associate Education Director, Chantel Young, who is serving our teen population. We also enjoy full-time support from two college graduate Jesuit Volunteers who provide us with a year of service. This year, our JVs hail from New Orleans (Kathleen Harmon, a IT graduate of Spring Hill College) and Baltimore, Maryland (Andy Beck, a political science major from Haverford College). FSHD bid adieu to Steve Axberg, the popular former Education Director who is heading back to school.

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  • NJ’s Affordable Housing Crisis: How Did We Get Here? NJTV Talks to FSHD Founder

    New Jersey is famous for having one of the highest costs of living of any state in the country. And as the state becomes less and less affordable, towns are being tasked with building hundreds of thousands of units for low-income residents. Many towns are fighting their given quotas. Many already in court. But while few would argue the state doesn’t need more affordable housing, the path to affordability is still unclear for those still Chasing the Dream. NJTV interviews FSHD Founder Peter J. O’Connor to learn more about history of affordable housing fight in NJ.

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  • Creative Activities, Fun Field Trips Highlight Summer Enrichment Camp

    Build-Your-Own Lava Lamp, Meet a Chinchilla and Foreign Pen Pals are among the fun events planned for the five-week Margaret Donnelly O’Connor Education Center summer enrichment camp. Kids will visit the Larchmont Pool, Paws Discovery Farm, the Funplex, the Franklin Institute and a Trenton Thunder baseball game. Each week features a theme: health/wellness, STEM activities, nature/ecosystem exploration, multicultural week and music appreciation. The summer ends with a BBQ and display of all of the artwork and digital novels the children will have completed.

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  • MDOC Enrichment Camp Stems the Summer Slide

    Studies have shown that academic regression during the summer can vary depending on grade level, subject, and family income. Lower-income students generally lose about two months of reading achievement during summer break. These findings are part of the reason for our focus on literacy during our Summer Camp. We examined the data for the reading levels of the students enrolled in the Margaret Donnelly O’Connor Education Center after-school program and camp. Students who regularly attend our after-school program and summer camp on average saw measurable gains in reading level while the students who didn’t regularly participate in our after-school program and/or experience our summer camp saw a decrease in reading level over the summer.

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