News Updates

  • Nearly 100 Residents Turn Out To Celebrate Black History Month

    On February 25, 2020, the Margaret Donnelly O’Connor Education Center hosted its first annual Black History Month Celebration. The neighborhood’s namesake hero, Ethel R. Lawrence, was especially celebrated and remembered. With an advanced screening of the forthcoming documentary on her life and legacy, residents were reminded of the difference one person can make in the community and the world. We honor Ethel Lawrence and the countless named and unnamed heroes of color who’ve made our world a more just, peaceful, and beautiful place for everyone.

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  • Jesuit Volunteer Reflection

    The children at the Education Center have captured my heart. When I met them last summer, I could not have imagined the amount of joy I would receive from all of the students. To be able to play even the smallest role in supporting our kids makes every day worthwhile. Whether it is helping a student understand how to add fractions or discussing acts of bullying going on at their school, I am grateful to be able to enter into that space with that child and simply be with them in those moments. Our kids radiate such light and energy into the world around them, and I cannot wait to continue to see them grow and flourish throughout the rest of my year here.

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  • ‘Girl Code’ Bootcamp

    Almost every woman has a story where they’ve leaned on the other women around them, often strangers, and have seen and felt the power of “Girl Code,” a set of unwritten rules meant to uplift kindness and solidarity. Every Tuesday, our K-4th graders gather together with staff and some of our older girls to discuss the Do’s and Don’ts of Girl Code. Our topics include: Respecting Boundaries/Healthy Relationships, Bullying, Bystander Effect/Peer Pressure/Snitching, Social Media: Blocking Out the Haters, Comment Culture: Can-Do’s & Can-Don’ts, and Conflict Resolution/Restorative Circles.

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  • Our Littlest Yogis Learn About Chakras

    Figuring out who we are and what “makes sense” for our bodies, what yogis call our “inner teacher” or “gurudeva,” is a journey we all understand. The practice of yoga is a way for us to literally feel out what feels good, what is “too much” for us, and what does it mean to focus only on the here and now. I loved laughing with my mini yogis as they mooed in Cow Pose and then hissed in Cat Pose. I loved watching them affirm themselves and each other in our post-class chats. I loved seeing peace wash over their tiny, beautiful faces during final meditation.

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  • Building Community Through A Mentoring Program for Boys

    Every few months at the Education Center, we host a “Boy’s Night” event. We invite any boys, ranging from kindergartners to twelfth graders, to attend. Our aim in hosting these nights is to provide a space for our male students to discuss what masculinity means, how that manifests in their daily lives, and to share both their struggles and privileges related to their male identity. We hope these spaces allow our students to discuss their experience growing up as a male and serve as a reminder to our boys that they are supported by the entire Ethel Lawrence Homes community.

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