Frequently-Asked Questions

Who can live in FSHD housing?

Occupancy is limited to individuals and families who fall within a certain income range. All of our residents must pass a strict background check on credit history, landlord-tenant relations and criminal history, and be prepared to live in a community that has high standards for its quality of life.

Who manages your apartment buildings?

FSHD manages all of its properties. Each complex has a Leasing Agent and dedicated maintenance and staff who are on call for emergencies and who are vigilant about upholding our standards. We are proud of the quality of our properties and we know that the commitment of our property management staff and residents is essential to maintaining our high standards over time.

I’ve applied for an apartment at FSHD but haven’t heard anything, what can I do?

Please be patient. You should receive confirmation of receipt of your application within few weeks.

I was told I was put on the waiting list. How often can I check about where I stand on this list?

When your name appears next on the list, we will send you a letter.

If I move or change jobs while I am on the waiting list, should I notify FHSD so that this updated information can added to my application?

If you move, you need to send a letter giving us your new address.

Why can’t I download an application?

Our applications have to be date and time-stamped. That is why they are only available in person. Additionally, each property has different application procedures, so you have to contact the Leasing Agent at the complex you are interested in for more details.