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  • Mount Laurel Writes ‘New Chapter’ in Long Affordable-Housing Saga

    “If you people can’t afford to live in our town,” Bill Haines told 60 black congregants of Jacob’s Chapel A.M.E. Church, “then you’ll just have to leave.” Stunned, but soon galvanized, the residents filed a lawsuit. Five years later, in its earthquake Mount Laurel I decision, New Jersey’s Supreme Court declared the township’s exclusionary zoning practices unconstitutional. Every municipality must shoulder a “fair share” of its region’s housing supply for low- and middle-income households, the high court decreed, a principle enshrined as the “Mount Laurel Doctrine.” This week, the township that lent its name to that doctrine formally adopted its own 20-year “Mount Laurel” affordable-housing plan.

    Published in The Philadelphia Inquirer on December 7th, 2016 Fair Share Housing Development | View PDF

  • Holy Cross ’63 Alum Peter J. O’Connor Talks About His Lifelong Commitment to Fair Housing

    Civil Rights Advocate Peter J. O’Connor: Holy Cross Years Inspired His Lifelong Crusade for Social Justice “My whole commitment to the implementation of moral values came from my time at Holy Cross,” Peter O’Connor told Katharine Whittemore in the latest issue of Holy Cross Magazine. “There was such a spirit of camaraderie there.”

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  • Snapshot Summary of Northgate II Wellness Program

    A 2009 study by Dr. Jeffrey Brenner and the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers revealed “hot spots”— or geographic areas in the city with extensive use of these expensive medical services. Patients from just 6% of Camden’s city blocks accounted for 27% of all of the city’s emergency department (ED) visits and 37% of its ED costs.Northgate II, an affordable housing property in North Camden, was one of the city’s two primary hot spots, according to Brenner’s research. Dr. Brenner approached Fair Share Housing Development in 2011 to see if the organization would be interested in working with the Camden Coalition to reduce the extensive and unnecessary ED and hospital visits among Northgate II residents. Fair Share eagerly agreed.

    Published in LeadingAge Center for Housing Plus Services on November 20th, 2015 Northgate II | View PDF

  • Northgate II: Providing Services to Shrink a “Hotspot”

    This case study describes the evolution of the Northgate II housing community for older adults and adults with disabilities in Camden, NJ. The study details how the housing community evolved, the services and supports that are available to residents, how those services and supports are delivered, and the program’s perceived benefits and challenges.

    Published in LeadingAge Center for Housing Plus Services on November 20th, 2015 Northgate II | View PDF

  • Affordable Senior Housing Plus Services:  What’s the Value?

    The availability of an onsite service coordinator at federally subsidized senior housing properties reduced hospital admissions among residents by 18%, according to a new report from LeadingAge Center for Housing Plus Services.

    Published in LeadingAge Center for Housing Plus Services on November 20th, 2015 Northgate II | View PDF

  • Ending the Cycle of Racial Isolation

    On Sunday, October 18, 2015, The New York Times Editorial Board, concerned about the racial segregation and concentrated poverty which underscored the violence in Ferguson and Baltimore, and many other urban areas in the United States, published a very supportive editorial about our work and touted our Ethel Lawrence Homes Development in Mount Laurel Township as a solution to urban segregation and poverty. The article reinforced our belief that the development and proper management of affordable housing on a regional scale, with supportive educational programs, is an essential part of the effort to reduce/eliminate urban segregation and concentrated poverty.

    Published in New York Times on October 19th, 2015 | View PDF

  • Innovations in Housing Plus Services Rely on Expanding Staff Roles

    Demands on affordable housing providers are growing as their residents age in place with escalating medical and supportive care needs. Fair Share Northgate II is at the cutting edge of the “housing plus services” movement which aims to help residents remain independent in their homes for as long as possible and manage their health effectively.

    Published in LeadingAge Magazine on August 31st, 2015 Northgate II | View PDF

  • A Look at ‘Mount Laurel’ Ruling 40 Years Later

    When the landmark Mount Laurel housing ruling was handed down 40 years ago, the three Camden lawyers who had argued the novel discrimination case had to retrieve the written opinion to see what the New Jersey Supreme Court had decided. No one had called with congratulations, and there was no Internet to offer immediate access or reaction. “We sat on the loading dock” of the warehouse where their office was, “with our legs hanging over the edge, and Carl read it and said, ‘We won!’ ” FSHD Founder and Executive Director Peter J. O’Connor recalled. He also remembered his profound disbelief.

    Published in The Philadelphia Inquirer on May 6th, 2015 | View PDF

  • FSHD Founder Wins Lifetime Achievement Award from NJ Law Journal

    FSHD Founder and Executive Director Peter J. O’Connor has been selected as one of 25 lawyers to receive the inaugural 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award from the New Jersey Law Journal. Peter will be honored at an awards ceremony on May 27, 2015.

    Published in New Jersey Law Journal on May 6th, 2015 | View PDF

  • No More Delays on New Jersey Housing

    Fair Share Housing Development’s Ethel R. Lawrence Homes got praise again from The New York Times in a recently published editorial decrying the Christie Administration for its opposition to the Mount Laurel Doctrine. The New York Times cited a Princeton University study which described our flagship development as a “pathway out of poverty.”

    Published in New York Times on December 27th, 2014 | View PDF