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Education Center Focuses on College-Bound Teens

Published on November 1st, 2017 in Fair Share Housing Development

By Chantel Young
Associate Education Director

As part of Fair Share Development’s continuing effort to enhance the lives of the families of Ethel Lawrence, the Homework Club is piloting a new college preparatory program called Mission: Excellence. The mission of our program is to promote higher education, degree attainment, improved parental involvement, and a culture of personal excellence among the students of Ethel Lawrence Homes. Through educational support, mentorship and parent engagement initiatives, the program will guide participants to academic success through college, mastery of leadership skills, and personal excellence. We will also help our students and families learn about how to pay for college through financial aid, FAFSA, and scholarship workshops. Our goal is a 100 percent college graduation rate for all program participants. Here’s our motto:

I want the best for M.E.
So, I work hard for M.E.
I will let nothing stop M.E.
My future depends on M.E

Mission: Excellence, which consists of 17 students (grades 6-10), held its first official meeting on October 12th, 2017. It was phenomenal! Our theme for the month is simply “All about Me,” so for the first session, we played games and completed activities designed to help our students better understand their personalities and discover their passions. We even watched a Ted Talk that sparked great discussion about the grit and perseverance needed to be successful in life.

We are truly energized and excited about this program and looking forward to a successful year. This is not just any mission. It’s MISSION: EXCELLENCE

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