Meet Our Kids

Housing alone is just the first step to helping families overcome problems stemming from generational cycles of poverty, racial segregation, economic isolation and the lack of a good education.

The Margaret Donnelly O’Connor Education Center at Ethel R. Lawrence Homes, our flagship development located in Mount Laurel, NJ, offers an after-school homework club, a summer enrichment program and one-on-one tutoring to ensure that our kids get the support they need to make the most out of the opportunities they enjoy attending one of the top school districts in the Garden State.

  • Dante


    • Grade: 2nd Grade
    • Excels at:: Art and Minecraft
    • Hopes to Be:: A Conductor

    “The Homework Club is nice and really fun! We do cool STEM activities like making catapults!”

  • Raquel


    • Grade: 5th Grade
    • Excels at: Softball, Music and Math
    • Hopes to Be: A Basketball Player

    “Homework Club helps me understand things I don’t know. I like to go to summer camp, and I had a great time at the baseball game.”

  • Mikoyo


    • Grade: 7th Grade
    • Excels at: Math, Singing
    • Hopes to Be: A Doctor

    “The Homework Club is great because Corey and Steve work really hard to help me with my homework and math problems.”

  • Aaron


    • Grade: 1st Grade
    • Excels at: Math, Football
    • Hope to Be: An EMT

    “I love coming to homework club because they help me with my math and reading and we do fun science experiments.”

  • Jazmine


    • Grade: 6th Grade
    • Excels at: Math, Language Arts
    • Hopes to Be: A Fashion Stylist

    “I like Homework Club because the staff is nice and they help me focus. They also assist me with my math skills.”

  • Jhalil


    • Grade: 2nd Grade
    • Excels at: Math, Homework Club, Running
    • Hopes to Be: A Teacher

    “I like Legos, my friends, the teachers. They help me with my math and reading.”

  • Alaina


    • Grade: 1st Grade
    • Excels at: Writing and Coloring
    • Hopes to Be: An Engineer

    “I like Homework Club because I get to learn numbers and pick tomatoes.”

  • Jayla


    • Grade: 6th Grade
    • Excels at: Dancing, Physical Education, Math, Cross-Country Running
    • Hopes to Be: An Entrepreneur who designs her own clothing line

    “I like Homework Club because they help me with my homework and protect us. We have fun swimming, in Lego Club, and during free time on Fridays with our friends.”