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Mayor Redd To Join Camden Seniors and Disabled on “Walk for Wellness”

Published on June 7th, 2013 in Fair Share Housing Development

Mayor Dana Redd has agreed to cheer on senior and disabled Camden residents who are taking charge of their health as part of a “Walk for Wellness” event sponsored by Fair Share Northgate II on Friday, June 14th – “Flag Day.” The event will be held from 10:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m. on the grounds of Fair Share Northgate II’s townhouse complex on North 7th Street. Other officials invited to the event include Congressman Robert Andrews and Mayor Cory Booker.

The purpose of the “Walk for Wellness” event is to encourage low-income seniors to participate in activities that promote better health.

“We are thrilled that Mayor Redd will be here to acknowledge and promote the importance of health and wellness among our senior and disabled residents,” said Marilyn Mock, director of social services at Northgate II. “Health disparities among urban minority populations are a serious issue not just in Camden but across the country. Our Northgate II residents have demonstrated a strong commitment to improving their health by participating in the various wellness activities we offer like our exercise classes and our nutrition classes. We have received so much positive feedback from them about how much better they feel. Better health leads to better lives and lower health care costs – a win-win for everybody.”

Fair Share Northgate II is partnering with the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Professionals to launch NJ’s first Accountable Care Organization for Medicaid. The project will demonstrate whether doctors, hospitals and other professionals can better coordinate medical care in the inner city to both improve patient outcomes and rein in millions of dollars in avoidable charges for unnecessary hospital admissions and emergency room visits.

Fair Share Northgate II is the social services arm of Fair Share Housing Development, a nationally recognized nonprofit affordable housing developer. Fair Share Northgate II offers an innovative health and wellness program which includes on-site primary care medical office, an exercise program, nutrition classes and a food assistance program. Plans are underway to provide on-site assisted living services, grief and loss counseling and an evidenced-based Chronic Disease Self-Management program. Northgate II is a 402-unit affordable housing (Section 8) development in Camden, NJ with approximately 660 residents. It includes a 309 unit high-rise building with 360 elderly and disabled residents, and 93 townhouse family units in 14 garden buildings covering two city blocks, with 290 residents.

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