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New Pull-Out Tutoring Program to Benefit MDOC Students

Published on April 7th, 2017 in Fair Share Housing Development

An exciting new development has just begun involving our education center and the Mount Laurel School District. Our program has always been a supplemental educational resource that is available for the Ethel Lawrence Homes residents after school. However, if there are additional ways to empower our students and give them an even greater chance of being academically successful, we are certainly open-minded to new programs. Loretta Del Collo, the Literacy Curriculum Supervisor for Mount Laurel Schools, recently invited the education center staff to come to the schools during the day to work with select students to improve their math skills. We will engage in co-teaching, pull-out tutoring, and side-by-side lesson reinforcement.

I initially expected Loretta to get us involved with the English, Reading, and Language Arts classes for two reasons. One, that is her forte, and two, many of our children have deficits in reading and could use the supplemental help. But Loretta wants us to focus first on our students’ strengths, which are in math and science. By focusing on strengths, our students’ confidence and self-esteem will grow, and with a little extra support, a student barely passing his or her science class might be able to get an A! This focus, as well as our STEM enrichment activities, could help inspire our students to consider a career in the constantly evolving fields of math and science.

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