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Creative Activities, Fun Field Trips Highlight Summer Enrichment Camp

Published on June 26th, 2017 in Margaret Donnelly O'Connor Education Center

A message from Steve Axberg, Education Director:

As the school year ends and I reflect on my second full year as Education Director, I think about all of the thrilling changes that have transpired as the program has grown, as well as all of exciting plans for the summer. Our community has grown stronger, and we have reached new heights that were unimaginable at the beginning. And our camp is even better this year!

We have five fun-filled weeks of summer camp, and we intend to accomplish a lot. Our first week, spearheaded by Jesuit Volunteer Margaret Cowles is focused on health/wellness. We know the children will enjoy Margaret’s hospital activity, where the children will act out different roles such as doctor, nurse, and patient while using their math, reading, science, and writing skills. The week concludes with a trip to Larchmont Pool, where the children will learn different swimming styles that they can use for exercise in the pool.

Next is our STEM week, which was designed by Jesuit Volunteer Meghan Murphy. The children will be creating their own lava lamps, as well as learning about density. That week ends with a trip to the Franklin Institute, where our children will experience a massive mirror maze and explore the mathematical patterns of the natural world.

Our third week is our Nature themed week, designed collaboratively by all the Education Center staff. Each grade will be researching their own ecosystem, and then during our trip to Paws Discovery Farm, presenting to the entire camp what they found about their ecosystem’s climate, plants, animals, and human interactions. Additionally, staff from Paws Farm will be bringing relevant animals out during these presentations, such as chinchilla for the mountain ecosystem, or a snake for a desert ecosystem.

The 4th week is our Multicultural week, which I designed. The children will be learning about ancient cultures such as Indian, Mayan, Chinese, and Egyptian. They also will be learning about the lives of kids their age in these different parts of the world, to celebrate their differences and similarities. Students will also begin writing pen pals in a different country, an activity that both builds writing skills as well as more cultural understanding. Our trip for that week isn’t related to the theme, yet is one of the camp favorites: Funplex!

Lastly, music will be our theme for the fifth and final week. The children will be learning about different music styles, as well as important Hispanic and African-American contributors to music. We will be going to a Trenton Thunder baseball game midweek, and then the summer ends with a BBQ and display of all of the children’s work during the summer, including crafts with Mount Laurel art teacher Marcy Morris, and the digital novels the children will have completed. Everyone is invited; we hope to see you there!

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