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Crafting Kids Celebrate Their Parents

Published on June 18th, 2017

Ethel Lawrence Homes resident Darcy Daniels is an avid crafter during her free time, often spending hours in her room dedicated to crafting creating fun new projects. Darcy reached out to the Education Center to offer her help and expertise in creating beautifully designed Mother’s and Father’s Day cards. “I think crafting is a healthy and productive way to deal with stress,” said Darcy. “I enjoy teaching the children something new, and hopefully besides the cards themselves, they will take away from the experience that they can create their own crafts on their own.”
Prior to creating the cards, our students participated in a writing activity to help them gather their thoughts for what they wanted to write to their mothers and grandmothers. Next, Darcy provided many different textures so our children could pick out the perfect design for their parents. They were even able to hand-crank the imprinter, and watch their finished creation come out the other side. The cards were a hit with mother Jenyth Ruberte:“I think it’s so wonderful that another resident was able to come in and teach something the children in our community how to make something so wonderful, and that the Education Center was able to combine it with a writing activity. That, combined with the beautiful baskets donated by Mother’s Matter made for such a marvelous Mother’s Day!

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