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Enrichment Camp Makes Learning Fun!

Published on October 20th, 2016

Our six weeks of academically enriching summer camp were a huge success! Our Kindergarten through 5th grade students explored a multitude of interesting topics that were engaging both in a scholarly and recreational way.

In our first week of camp, our children practiced math skills, cooking competence, and even learned some marketing principles through our Lemonade Stand. During our science-themed week, we learned about and made our own hovercrafts. Kids also got to enjoy a relay race where we competed while learning about the components of color.

However, we didn’t just focus on math and science; we also got involved in many creative pursuits. Beginning in the first week and concluding at the end of camp, our children went through a creative writing process where they were able to create their very own books. Valuable life lessons such as “not judging a book by its cover” and the importance of teamwork provided the foundational groundwork for this fun project. Lastly, our children wrote and starred in their own play during the last week of camp. Everyone was involved in the writing and set design!

Besides these activities, we also enjoyed a number of educational field trips. During our science week, we went to the Franklin Institute and learned about the science behind Pixar films. This exhibit was highly entertaining and interesting for both our students and staff. Everyone had a blast! Locally in Mount Laurel, we visited Paw’s Farm, and our children were able to learn about, see and even pet compelling creatures such as chinchillas or snakes.

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